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For Corporate Groups: Analytics Solution for Financial Consolidation 

  • Linking to a managed single consolidated group chart of accounts (mapping) from different companies and different ERP systems.

  • Drill-down analysis of company group finances (PNL, balance sheet) down to the primary documents - at the level of the group and individual company (a more detailed report than the group report is available for individual companies).

  • Conversion of different currencies (at transaction date, end-of-period exchange rate).

  • Recognition of mutual transactions (at the level of the entire group of companies and for individual smaller groups). 

  • KPI indicators - with the possibility for the client to periodically manage (set-up) additional indicators without programming work, e.g. number of employees (FTE).

  • Budgets, forecasts, their versioning and execution reports.

  • Corrective entries and their management - the ability for the customer to create additional or correcting entries.

  • Cost distribution - with the possibility for the client to manage (set-up) periodically without programming work, e.g. % rules monthly.

Technologies: Microsoft Azure DW, Power BI and Microsoft Power Apps. 
Flexibility and cost: A cloud-based solution as a service for a monthly fee with no upfront investment in implementation, dedicated servers or software. Monthly fee or individual implementation - adjusted after individual assessment of the number of companies, the amount of records, ERP systems used in the group.

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