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Implementation of Microsoft Analytics, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Azure Data Platform (Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics)
Customized for NAV / Dynamics 365 BC

An individual implementation of analytics usually consists of the following stages / works:

  • Data collection from all sources to the data warehouse or data lake. Often companies use more than one system. Some systems are used as a service and data collection is only possible through API or web services integrations. When large amounts of data are collected, only new data is collected so as not to overload the primary systems.

  • Data aggregation, transformations, preparation of statistics and processing by various algorithms in data platform. For this, both artificial intelligence algorithms (segmentation, predictions) and simply statistical calculations are used. Some algorithms and calculations require time and resources, e.g. day-to-day obsolescence statistics (for what amount of inventory was in storage for more than 60 days in a year). You want to do such calculations once and not recalculate everything every night.

  • Preparation of data models for your organization. It is the analysis and preparation of the main data of your company (Master Data), all the necessary calculated indicators, sections, connections between the data.

  • Preparation of reports / visualizations. Preparation of solution visualizations are performed using Agile iteration method, adapting user visualizations (dashboards) in stages to the raised business issues and customer needs. After this step, users can start using Business Analytics.

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